Oncology surgeons to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) in Iowa

As explained in an article in the University of Iowa's online daily publication IowaNow, a team of experts at the UIHC's Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center is first in the state to be able to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) for breast cancer patients. The team of experts include Dr. Sonia Sugg, Dr. Carol Scott-Conner, and Dr. Ronald Weigel of the Department of surgery, who discuss the details and implications of this treatment in the article.

Currently with the standard treatment for early-stage breast cancer, a patient follows up with a radiation oncologist after surgery to have the tumor removed. With IORT, radiation is delivered to the area immediately following the removal of the tumor. As Dr. Sugg explains in the article, "It saves [patients] the time of having to come back to undergo radiation therapy for five days a week for up to three to six weeks after they heal from surgery." Dr. Weigel goes on to explain "This isn’t a replacement for traditional treatments. But for the right person, we are offering an alternative that will allow a person to get back to their normal life, sooner."

More information about this new treatment option can be found in the online edition of the article on the IowaNow website here.