Welcome to our New Residents and Fellows

2013 Intern Class

  • Amir Alhajjat, MBBS, Jordan University of Science and Technology
  • Naina Bagrodia, MD, University of Arizona
  • Fadi Dahdaleh, MD, American University of Beirut
  • Ryan Deets, MD, University of Iowa
  • Allison Lorenzen, MD, University of Iowa
  • Anthony Swatek, MD, University of Kansas
  • Brittany Wertzberger, MD, University of Iowa

New PGY3 and PGY4 Residents

  • Jennifer Shanklin, MD, Tufts University, PGY3
  • Ulrik Wallin, MD, Karolinska Institute, PGY3
  • Matthew Wideroff, MD, University of Miami, PGY3
  • A. Reema Kar, MD, Penn State University, PGY4
  • S. Tammy Li, MD, Georgetown University, PGY4

2012-2013 Fellows

  • John Cheregi, MD, Bariatric Surgery Fellow
  • Ingrid Lizarraga, MD, Multidisciplinary Breast Surgical Oncology Fellow
  • Hadi Shaaban, DO, Burn Fellow
  • Evgeny Arshava, DO, Surgical Critical Care Fellow
  • Grant Lee, MD, Surgical Critical Care Fellow
  • Primod, Siddagunta, MBBS, Transplantation and Heptobiliary Surgery Fellow
  • Adonis Lysandrou, MD, Vascular Surgery Fellow
  • Sara Mijal, MD, Vascular Surgery Fellow