Radiation Sciences Programs

  • Tuition, Fees and Expenses

    • UI Application Fee - $40
      Payable upon application to The University of Iowa. (non refundable) 
    • UI Acceptance Fee - $250
      Payable upon acceptance to The University of Iowa. (refundable prior to May 1 for summer/fall; Nov. 15 for spring) 
    • Admission Fee/Tuition Deposit - $400
      Payable upon acceptance into the Radiation Sciences program track. (non refundable) 
    • Clinical Assessment Fee - $120
      Payable upon acceptance into the Radiologic Technology program track. (non refundable)
    • Health Screening:
      All Radiation Sciences students are required to complete a medical history and a health screening form, complete a TB skin and mask-fitting test annually, and show proof of immunizations. The TB tests and any needed immunizations may be obtained at UI Student Health Services or from your personal physician. For more information, review the links under “Health Science Students” at (link to http://studenthealth.uiowa.edu/info/requirements-and-forms)
    • Health Insurance:
      All Radiation Sciences are required to maintain health insurance each year of attendance at The University of Iowa. Students may choose to carry the UI Student Health Insurance or obtain health insurance through another provider. Students are required to provide proof of coverage to the University before the first day of classes. More information (link to http://hr.uiowa.edu/benefits/health-insurance-graduate-students)
    • UI Degree Application Fee - $75
      Payable upon application for diploma.