Radiation Sciences Programs

  • Graduation Information

    All Graduates

    • Complete the “degree application” on ISIS by the deadline. Apply for the semester that you will finish all degree requirements (courses or program). Consult the Office of the Registrar .
    • Decide if you will attend commencement ceremonies by Nov 1 for fall or April 1 for spring. Email the program office with your decision.
    • Attending commencement? Purchase a GREEN tassel-Carver College of Medicine color. Let the IMU bookstore know if you already have a cap/gown. Seating arrangements are dependent on cap/gown sales.
    • Consult the Commencement information website. For December: click the Undergraduate Commencement link; for May: click the Carver College of Medicine link. Contact Graduation Analysis in the registrar’s office for more information.
    • Watch for mass emails regarding commencement and the degree application.


    Diplomas are mailed to you approximately one month after the end of the semester in which you complete all degree requirements. Call Graduation Analysis with any questions.

    Summer Graduates

    There are no summer session commencement ceremonies.

    Your choices are to attend the:

    • spring Carver College of Medicine ceremony as an 'early participant' (preferable)
    • fall Undergraduate Commencement ceremony as a 'late participant'

    Fill out a 'Request to participate early' form by the spring deadline or 'Request to participate late' form by the summer deadline at Registrar's office, 1 JH. Do this in addition to applying online as directed above in the 'All Graduates' section.

    Fall Graduates

    You may attend the Undergraduate Commencement ceremony. You may elect to sit together, alphabetically, with the other Radiation Sciences graduates. If you need to walk across the stage early, you can elect to sit by the person whose last name is nearest the beginning of the alphabet. The Carver College of Medicine still grants the degree. The registrar's office will send you information.

    Spring Graduates

    You may attend the Carver College of Medicine's spring ceremony (the college granting the degree.) The Radiation Sciences office will contact you with commencement information. For information about cap/gown and invitations, consult the Commencement information link on the Graduation Analysis - Office of the Registrar - University of Iowa website for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

    Early or Late Participants

    If you would like to attend a commencement ceremony that's different from the semester that you actually earn the degree, you can apply to participate early or late. Upon approval, you may attend. Consult your advisor regarding the request to participate early/late form. In addition, fill out a degree application on ISIS.