Radiation Sciences Programs

  • DistanceEducation
  • Distance Education

    Web-based courses are offered by the Radiologic Technology and Diagnostic Medical Sonography education faculty. They are designed to provide the examination content identified for:

    • The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists for CVI, CT, and MRI
    • The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers for sonography principles and instrumentation, abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, vascular technology, and breast sonography.

    Non-degree seeking students

    Tuition & Fee

    • Students will be assessed tuition and the technology fee for the total semester hours of enrollment.
    • Non-resident students that are registered for off-campus DE courses ONLY are eligible for resident tuition.
    • Financial aid is not available for non-degree seeking students.
    • Reference the Tuition and Fees Rate Table for Carver College of Medicine Bachelor of Science students.

    RT Degree-seeking students

    (DMS does not offer an online BS degree route.)

    • Meet the RT to BS Degree admission requirements.
    • Admit to The University of Iowa, College of Medicine, Radiation Sciences major PRIOR to enrolling in any CVI, CT or MRI courses. Semester hour credit for courses completed prior to admitting to COM RS will NOT count toward the degree.
    • For questions:  

    Auditing Courses

    • A course may be audited if permission is granted by the instructor, departmental executive officer (for staff), college dean (for faculty)
    • Tuition is assessed for the number of semester hours for which the course is offered.
    • Register for 0 sh by the appropriate academic course deadline.
    • Satisfactory performance (minimum ‘C’ grade and completion of course requirements) is assigned an “R” (registered) on the transcript—will not receive credit or meet any college requirement.
    • Unsatisfactory performance is assigned a “W” (withdrawn).

    Continuing Education Credits

    ARRT awards 16 category A CE credits per semester hour for the following courses. The courses must be completed during the biennium with a grade of “C” of better. If a technologist is audited by ARRT a copy of your transcript will be requested for proof of attendance.

    • RSCT: 4100 Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Sciences 3sh
    • RSCT: 4110 CT/MRI Pathology 3sh
    • RSCI: 4110 Vascular Anatomy 3sh
    • RSCI: 4120 CVI Principles 4sh
    • RSCI: 4130 Electrocardiogram & Hemodynamics 3sh
    • RSCI: 4140 CVI Peripheral Procedures & Pathology 3sh
    • RSCI: 4150 CVI Neuro & Nonvascular Procedures & Pathology 3sh
    • RSCI: 4160 CVI Cardiac Procedures & Pathology 4sh
    • RSCT: 4120 CT Procedures I 3sh
    • RSCT: 4125 CT Procedures II 3sh
    • RSCT: 4130 CT Physical Principles & Quality Control 4sh