Stead Family Department of Pediatrics

Simulation prepares teams

Infant Simulation

At UI Children’s Hospital, Chloe Marie Newborn helps ensure that members of any emergency team are prepared, organized, and ready to take care of the
very young pediatric patient whose life may rest in the balance.

Chloe is a SimNuBTM, an advanced newborn patient simulator introduced to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) two years ago by neonatologist Julie Lindower, MD, MPH, and neonatal nurse practitioner Maria Lofgren, ARNP.
A life-like mannequin, Chloe Marie is used to create a wide variety of realistic medical situations and crises to allow health care team members to train
together, address situations, and learn procedures and processes in a safe environment, free from the possibility of injuring or harming a real infant.

“Though everyone on each team is a trained medical professional, there is always something to learn,” Lindower says, adding “Simulation has,
without question, made me a better doctor.”