Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Annual Research Day - Presentation & Poster Presentations

The Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science will hold its Annual Research Day Friday, April 25, 2014.  Thomas Cook, Professor Emeritus, will be providing the research presentation on the International Experience with the Ponsetti Club Foot Procedure.  Poster presentations will then follow. 


  1. A comparison of stabilization techniques on force production at the knee: effect of hand-grips and seat belts.  Bauer EM, Peak KD, Williams GN
  2. Primary pain intensity predicts referred pain incidence.  Merkle S, Frey Law LA
  3. Knee extensor rapid torque development after arthroscopic partial meniscectomy.  Cobian DG, Williams GN
  4. Sympathetic activation through whole body heat stress:impact on muscle force and spinal excitability in healthy humans.  Bohn KJ, Bump RC, Guild ER, Mark AK, Tierney KJ, Young KR, Yen C, Shields RK  
  5. Effect of pulse duration, frequency, and number on discomfort and force characteristics in electrically evoked contractions.  Moulton WR, Paulsen RA, Sedlacek JM, Williams GN
  6. Is the walk and step down test a good indicator of quadriceps muscle functional status after knee surgery?  Crow J, Thompson ZJ, Robbins DP, Williams GN
  7. Assessing the relationships between motives and barriers to exercise.  Pinkerman SM, Rave AJ, Zirretta ML, Allen EJ, Frey Law LA
  8. Acute dietary nitrate supplementation enhances compensatory vasodilation during hypoxic exercise in older adults.  Deonovic M, Jacobson GL, Treichler DP, Ueda K, Casey DP
  9. Association between exercise and centrally mediated pain perception.  Bell AD, Nikolaenko O, Schlieker KL, Waskow SB, Merkle S, Frey Law LA
  10. Establishing the integrity of a novel tool for assessing observational gait analysis abilities.  Headley JM, McGonegle LJ, Mehlhoff KA, Petersen RM, Spreeman EA, Vandegrift AJ, Van Winkle MT, Yack HJ
  11. Impact of sleep and activity on quality of life measures in women with fibromyalgia.  Bernard AM, Hakos KD, Holeman HM, Thompson MC, Toberman BR, Young LM, Dailey DL, Vance CGT, Malow B, Goldman SE, Crofford LJ, Sluka KA
  12. Body diagram prediction of pain and quality of life in people in fibromyalgia.  Dailey DL, Steele AL, Sluka KA
  13. Predictors of reduced function and quality of life in individuals with fibromyalgia and healthy subjects.  Dailey DL, Cooper N, Frey Law LA, Sluka KA