Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Distinguished faculty member celebrates major milestone

Sohan Singh Hayreh

Dr. Sohan Singh Hayreh, emeritus professor of ophthalmology, is celebrating 40 years with the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Iowa.

Recruited from the University of Edinburgh by Dr. Fred Blodi, past-chair of the department, Hayreh came to Iowa City in January 1973. He joined a department that has, since then, undergone considerable growth and change during his tenure.

Throughout his impressive career, Dr. Hayreh pursued key areas of research and become a world-renown expert in ocular and optic nerve circulation; vascular disorders of the retina, choroid, optic nerve, and anterior segment of the eye; fluorescein angiography; disorders of the optic disc; and rheumatologic diseases of the eye.

“Dr. Hayreh’s contributions to the study of vascular diseases of the eye and optic nerve have been immeasurable. For the past 40 years he has been a pillar in this department and a well-respected colleague. He continues to extend his field of expertise and provide the best care for his patients, many of whom travel from around the world for his care,” states Dr. Keith Carter, department head.

Hayreh retired as a Professor Emeritus in 1999 but continues to see patients, publish, and pursue research. He has received numerous degrees and is widely-regarded as an authority in his area of study.

Dr. Hayreh's Departmental Profile