• Beaker Laboratory Information System Project

    Beaker Cake
    On October 15, 2013, a celebration of teamwork, perseverance, and dedication to the Epic Beaker and Epic Access and Revenue Cycle project teams was held in the East Room. Ken Kates, Associate Vice President and Chief Executive Officer and Ken Fisher, Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer attended the event and appreciated the efforts of the lab and IT teams. Drs. Nitin Karandikar, Chair and Department Executive Officer and Matt Krasowski, Clinical Laboratory Director, spoke about the commitment of resources from both the Department of Pathology and Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) to complete this complicated replacement for the Cerner Classic Clinical Pathology system. Dr. Karandikar stated, "It has been wonderful to see the dedicated teamwork of the lab and HCIS teams on this project. Pathology is an informatics enterprise -- and touches the vast majority of patients that we serve at UIHC. The careful implementation of these systems is highly critical for the high level of clinical care that we provide our patients."

    Laboratory Subject Matter Experts (SME) have already spent hours reviewing and approving future workflows, providing expert advice during the build process and, on November 18, 2013 will begin months of in depth testing. Beaker Go-Live is scheduled for May 3, 2014.