Internal Medicine

Lori Bassler Receives First Research Admin Award

Internal Medicine's Lori Bassler is the first recipient of the Distinguished Research Administrator Award, offered for the first time this year by the University of Iowa Vice President for Research. The award recognizes efforts of outstanding administrative staff who support our science mission by exploring funding opportunities, assisting in grant proposal preparation, submission, post-award administration and operational support.

Administration of research funding is demanding if done right and done well; it requires enormous patience and intelligence. Lori has worked as a research administrator within the University of Iowa for over thirty-three years. She is the research administrator for both the Department of Internal Medicine and the UI Cardiovascular Research Center (CVC), positions she has held under six different departmental executive officers and two CVC directors for over two decades. In addition, she administers grants and provides financial and strategic advice to researchers and administrators across the CCOM. Her primary responsibility within the department and Center is to provide leadership to principle investigators and research supervisory staff in day-to-day grant management and provide assistance for -- often direct -- new grant applications and application renewals while keeping scientists apprised of new opportunities for funding from federal, association and industry sources. Lori manages a staff of six who provide both pre-award and post-award services to faculty and staff. Six hundred and fifteen grants were submitted in FY12 and over four hundreds grants were active at any given time.