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    Received: March, 2014

    About: Service Rendered in 2014

    Where: Inpatient Service


    Ken (Kates),

    My husband and I have been long time patients of UIHC and my husband an employee of the U of I until his retirement. Recently, I had a minor surgery that did require a one night stay on Monday, January 6th during the polar vortex.

    All I can say and what I said to my friends is my surgery day ended up being more “like a spa day” except for the hospital gown, which is necessary. Dr. Bradley, my surgeon, Dr. From who put put me to sleep and his nurse assistant were outstanding. From the bottom to the top of “the food chain” so to speak everyone at UIHC was wonderful. The Disney training is working! Everybody on that day seemed IN LOVE WITH THEIR JOBS and so attentive. The young nurse Lex on my night shift was so kind. I wish I could remember EVERYONE’S name but the floor doc was wonderful and of the nurses on the shift that day, it was fabulous. I had a “royal sleep” I woke up with no pain, warm blankets and kind people and my I repeat “warm blankets” and the nurse gave me extras bless her heart. The woman transporting me was nice, I did not encounter one negative person. It was a Monday, one of the coldest days of the year and every staff person was over the top great. Please pass on-go ahead and look up who helped me if you can at around noon, Monday, January 6th and give them all thanks “from the top” for a job well done. While I am handing out complements, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Nicole Nisly my primary care physician, whom I adore and Dr. Oetting my eye doctor and the whole eye department for a well run operation. My husband, visits quite a few departments and would give them all a big thumbs up. We are blessed to have UIHC 5 blocks from our home and in Iowa City.

    Thank you and pass on my complements in any way you choose. I have filled out the survey form and am mailing it in.

     From: Patient questionnaire

    Received: March 2014

    About: Service rendered in January 2014

    Where: Multispecialty Outpatient Clinic, Surgical Co-Management


    Dear Dr. Michele Fang,

    I would like to thank you for the thorough H&P that I underwent under your wonderful care.

    Everyone that I came in contact with before, during, and after my surgery helped & cared for me during my difficult time.

    You talked and discussed everything with me. You were professional, but I know that you care deeply about everyone under your medical care.

    Thank you, you were wonderful….

    From: Patient email

    Received: January 2014

    About: Service Rendered in November 2013

     Where: Multispecialty Outpatient Clinic


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