Vladimir Badovinac Laboratory‚ÄĒDepartment of Pathology

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    Phone: 319-384-2929
    1160 Medical Laboratories

    Welcome to the Laboratory of Vladimir Badovinac, PhD, at the University of Iowa Department of Pathology.

    Our laboratory also has affiliation with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology, Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), the Biosciences Program, and the Cancer Center at the University of Iowa College of Medicine.

    Our long-term interest lies in elucidating the mechanisms that govern CD8 T cell responses after infection and/or immunization. We are interested in exploring the pathways that are involved in Ag-specific CD8 T cell homeostasis in vivo and exploring how the manipulation of these pathways can be used to facilitate the generation and maintenance of productive memory CD8 T cell responses in health and disease. 

    Group Photo of Dr. Badovinac's Lab
    Back Row: Vladimir Badovinac and Sean Duong
    Front Row: Matthew Martin, Deepa Rai, Stephanie Condotta and Shaniya Khan